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Claire provides advice to help you keep your money over time. 

Just like a doctor will look at your medical history before diagnosis and prescribing you with the right medicine. I help you identify your financial priorities and long-term objectives first Together, we review your balance sheet, your investment portfolio and cash flow details and plan ahead for potential new life changing events such as raising a child, buying your first property and planning ahead for your own retirement while gaining tax savings.

I help you coordinate the paperwork and help you implement new investment strategies and provide you with discipline around your financial plan with annual reviews, so you have confidence and peace of mind to embrace life while ensuring you keep your lifestyle and money.

BTW ‘ypf8888’ stands for ‘Your Personal Finance’ and the number ‘8’ sounds phonetically for prosperity in Hokkien, one of the common dialects in Singapore.

One of my favourite motto is, “Equip yourself with the right experts to help you do well!”

To Your Health, Wealth and Success!

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Ms Soh Ming Hwei Claire


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