What are your values? What is important to you?

According to Dr Tom Stevens, “Our happiness is determined by the satisfaction of our values.”

What are values? Most importantly, what are your values in your life?

I learnt from various financial experts or psychologists, values are felt from our hearts. If you do not feel it in your gut or your heart that it’s important to do certain things, then chances are you won’t be interested or committed to do the necessary tasks. Think about this.

When I first learnt this, I was like “WOW”! You’re right.  I want this and that, but my actions were not aligned to the values. And according to experts, it’s human nature to procrastinate.  Personal finances is one such subject. ACT NOW! Take Actions!

Some examples of values to help you brainstorm include health, financial security, happiness, personal growth, love, family and truth.

Let’s zoom in at financial security as an example of value. A topic that is at the heart of every Singaporean and every one worldwide I imagine.

So what’s financial security on your own terms?

What does this mean to you? Is this important to you?

If you walk out today, how would your dependents or loved ones be affected?

Do you have a basic security plan in place?

Do you have enough coverage to provide income replacement for your loved ones in the event that you pass on prematurely?

Is this important to you? Do you have a will or have you made a nomination for your insurance policy?

Allow me to share my story. I went through a life crisis in 2004. I nearly left this world back then. It was a hot summer day in 2004 and I was doing my summer semester in Geelong, Australia. I only remembered drinking lots of water and that evening, I had cold-like symptoms. I had fever and was throwing up non-stop for 2 days before I finally got my friends to send me to the hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I went into a seizure and I bit my tongue. Seeing this, my friend Lily saved me by placing her thumb for me to bite instead. I owe you my life Lily. Thank you Lily for saving me in time and please get back in touch with me!

I can only remember that before I ‘blacked out’, I prayed hard to Buddha to give me a second chance at life because I’ve not repaid my parents for bringing me up!

I was in a coma for nearly 2 days.

Gratefully, my wish is granted!

I survived the pitch black darkness and woke up, finding my mother and cousin Kelly beside me. Thank you Kelly for accompanying my mum to Australia and I hope you’d fun in Melbourne when you were there!

This episode changed my life. I was taught a lesson. I nearly opted out of the medical insurance program to save the pennies.

Thank goodness I listened to my mum and bought the medical insurance. (Guys and gals, please listen to your mother and dad! ^_^) . I need not pay for the medical bills out of my own pocket as the medical insurance program took care of the hospital bill.

I am glad I paid the pennies to the insurer who brought in the dollars to pay for the medical bills.

It was a relief knowing that financially the medical bill was taken care of.  Just imagine the financial burden on top of the trauma that my family and I went through!

My concern for you is,  are you prepared for major unforeseen events in life?

Touch Wood! Of course, no one wants to be sick or injured.  The reality is, accidents and illness can happen and they do happen. I’m talking about reality, agree?

So, do you have a security program in place to take care of yourself and your loved ones?

Since then, for me, financial security to me is knowing that my parents’ welfare is taken care of whether I am around or not. I’ve a basic security program and I’m currently working towards a half-million dollars security program to ensure that this goal of mine would realize, regardless of whether I am here or not.

What about you? e.g. Have you drafted out a will to distribute your assets according to your wishes?

Do you know about the Intestacy laws in Singapore?

Did you know that this legislation Act would kick in to take care of the distribution of your estate when you pass on if you did not nominate the beneficiaries and the amount each beneficiary would get?

For instance, how would your insurance payout be distributed among your family, especially if you are married with children? Do you know how this work?

If financial security is important to you and your loved ones, please call me at 9231 8779 right now for a review of your financial health first and I can help you to ensure you’ve a security program in place to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s work together to ensure that your wealth distribution will be conducted in a clear, legal and affordable manner.

Don’t wait any further because your welfare and that of your loved ones are of first priority.

Be prepared!

Claire Soh

Mobile: 9231 8779

Email: clairemh.soh@gmail.com or claire.soh@finexis.com.sg

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