Don’t Deal with Pushy SalesPeople! Call me instead!

Seriously, call me for advice before you buy or invest in insurance or investment. Let me help you make the appropriate decisions with regards to your money.

Act NOW and call me at 9231 8779 to assess your situation. We can meet up over coffee or tea or even during your lunch time.

Why? You want to get clarity and guidance when I help you assess your situation and do a FREE financial health review for you to show you specifically where you are right now.

Once we know where you are and where you WANT to go, I can put together solutions to help you achieve your goals for you and your loved ones.

My job is to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. And I don’t know if I can help you or not, but if you’ll bring some of your pertinent data to a short breakfast/lunch/dinner/coffee at our mutual convenience, I’ll take a look at it. If I think I can help you, I’ll tell you. And if I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you that too. Is that fair enough?

Potentially in this manner, won’t you save time and money when I guide you to make decisions for you and your loved ones?

Let me cite an example. Recently I helped a client examine one of his policies and found that he could get a more affordable yet more comprehensive coverage than his existing policy.

Guess what? He placed his business with me, after I explained to him what his existing policy does for him and then I walked him through his options.

He now saves on premiums for his insurance plan and best of all, he enjoys a better and more comprehensive coverage to protect himself and his loved ones.

This is only possible for him because he had chosen to engage me to help him review and analyze his needs and his situation.

I’m sure everyone loves a good deal and loves to save money.

Go on, call me to fix an appointment with me. You stand to gain clarity to your own needs and situation and the financial products that you’ve.

Note that  I also do not represent any of the banks or insurance companies or any of the fund houses. Neither do I need to meet any of their sales quota, so you can be sure I represent you and you alone.

I work personally with you when you engage me to help you, so you can be assured my tailor-made solutions based on your your needs and budget.

ACT NOW! Call me at 9231 8779 today or Email me at your name and contact number so that we can fix an appointment to discuss more.

Tell me about you. What are your dreams and concerns?

To your wealth and success!

Claire Soh

Your Friendly Guide to Your Personal Finance

Important Notice and Disclaimers:

Nothing in this material constitutes personalized investment advice. Information provided here should not be considered as advice or as an offer or enticement to buy or sell or trade.             The contents of this material, including any financial data, information, opinions and analysis, are strictly intended for educational use only.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information provided herein.

You shouldn’t make any investment decision based solely on what you read here. It’s your money and your responsibility.

Please consult your financial advisor or call Ms Claire Soh at 9231 8779 before investing in any investment or insurance.

Should you choose not to seek such advice, you should consider whether the investment or insurance product in question is suitable for you.

Contents © 2010 Ms Soh Ming Hwei Claire. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that you do not have permission to copy or post the contents of this blog to any web pages whether private or public.


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