Can you claim for the early stages of critical illness with your existing insurance?

Dear CFO

Do you know if your existing critical illness policy protects you against the early stages of critical illness?

Why do I highlight this to you?

This is because many people are not aware that their existing critical illness policy may not guarantee that they would be able to claim for critical illness, specifically during the early stages of critical illness such as cancer or the early stage of a heart attack.

According to a TODAY article in 11 March 2009, oncologist Dr Ang Peng Tiam expressed his infuriation when some of his patients faced difficulty in claiming for the payout from their insurance policies during the early stages of cancer.

This happened as a result of the current definitions of critical illness as adopted by insurers in 2003. Quoting the article, “several insurance agents, representing various insurers, told TODAY, it was common practice that the cancer has to be at least in Stage 3.”

This is perhaps one of the reasons why some people delay the treatment of critical illness; due to limited financial resources. Some people may not survive or even give up hope of new proven methods of treatment due to the high cost involved.

The reality is, with the advancement of medical science and the emphasis of early screening these days, critical illnesses such as cancer are detected early.

So check on your own:

  • What does your existing insurance policy cover? Do you know?
  • Do you have sufficient funds for unforeseen future medical expenses?
  • Does your insurance protect you against the early stages of critical illness?
  • Is it important to you to solve this potential problem of unforeseen event such as critical illness?
  • How would a critical illness such as a heart attack or cancer affect you and your loved ones?  Could this lead to your financial resources being restrained or even depleted?
  • What would happen to your dreams? Would this slow down whatever goals you set to achieve for you and your loved ones?
  • Why is it important to solve this problem?
  • How would a protection plan that protects you and provides an extensive coverage for up to 60 medical conditions would help you?   What benefits do you see?

YES! I know of such a plan. This plan can enable you to gain financial security for you and your family at the onset of a critical illness.

Call Ms Soh at 9231 8779 NOW to for more details.

With this plan, you can claim for the early stages of a critical illness, depending on the severity of the illness. You can then focus on the treatment with the early payout claims to fund for your early medical treatment.    Potentially you can also use the funds for your financial commitments such as your mortgage payments or even as cash for your family.

By the way, have you upgraded to a private integrated shield plan to provide up to half a million dollars of medical bill coverage so that in the event of any medical emergencies, you have the CHOICE of getting the BEST Treatment for yourself upon hospitalization?

Having such a plan is the basic game plan to protect yourself and your family financially and emotionally. Because the peace of mind that comes with this is priceless!

Call me at 9231 8779 to fix an appointment with me to discuss your needs pertaining to protecting yourself against the early stages of critical illness and your medical insurance.

Let’s meet up face-to-face at our mutual convenience and you bring along your insurance policies or whatever you’ve.

I’ll take a look at it. If I can help you, I’ll tell you. And if I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you that too.

Fair enough?

Pick up the phone NOW to call me at 9231 8779.  Let’s meet up and discuss over coffee.

Talk to you soon.

Best regards


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