What’s your report card for the last 12 months?

Dear CFO

Back in 400 B.C, the Greek philosopher Socrates summed it up in 2 words, the key to human advancement is know thyself.

Let’s take an honest look at our own balance sheet and our report card for the last 12 months.

WHY? Because YOU are the biggest asset on your balance sheet.

Benefits? Your financial report card will show you exactly where you are now and enable you to make decisions with ease in the near future. It’s like a rudder of a ship to help you steer in the right direction so that you do get to where you want to go.

HOW? What do you own & what do you owe? Analyze and examine. Do you know specifically what you have?

  • For example, are you overpaying for your medical insurance if you do have such a plan?
  • Are you getting a comprehensive coverage for what you’re currently paying?
  • Is it important to you to know this?  Why is it important to you to know this or solve this problem?
  • Would it be useful if you can find out if your existing plan gives you enough coverage?
  • Is there any other way such a review could help you?
  • How do you think a medical plan that provides more comprehensive coverage would help you, financially and emotionally?
  • Would you be open to a different perspective that you may not have now?
  • If you engage me to work personally with you how would this help you? Would this save you time and potentially money when you have guidance on your current state of financial health?
  • Would a financial health review also help you speed up your planning and your strategy to achieve your financial goals?  What other benefits do you see from a financial health review?

I’m offering this service to you, a FREE financial health review on a personal basis.

I’m sure individuals like you who are responsible; know a good deal when they see one.

So don’t miss out on this financial health review. Grab this opportunity today to enjoy this value-add service and most importantly, you get to review how you’ve done financially over the past twelve months and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Call me right now at 9231 8779 to book your Financial Health Review (FHR) appointment with me. Or email me at clairemh.soh@gmail.com with ‘FHR’ in the subject line.

Thank you for reading. To your health and wealth!

Claire Soh

9231 8779

Disclaimer: Nothing in this material should be considered personalized investment advice. Information provided here should not be considered as advice or as an offer or enticement to buy or sell or trade. The contents of this material, including any opinions and analysis, are strictly intended for educational use.

Isn’t your peace of mind and financial security worth an hour of your time? Book an appointment with me now. Call me at 9231 8779.


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