What are your reasons for your top money goals?

So you want to save more money, what are your reasons?

According to a 1st July 2010 Alpha Consumer report, reflecting and focusing on your big-picture reasons can help you achieve your goals more.

For example, reflecting on the main reasons why we’re saving money systematically can help us stay focused on our plan to persevere and increase our chance of success.

Other tips from this report include:

  • Avoid spending lots of money via your credit cards so as to get the credit card rewards
  • Beware of the “placebo effect” whereby we perceive higher prices as higher quality. It is not necessarily true that an expensive bottle of wine is of higher quality than a cheaper bottle.

IMHO, just be prudent, keep track of your expenses on a monthly basis, review and cut back on variable expenses so that you save more money for your long-term goals such as clearing the mortgage or saving for your retirement. Quoting L’oreal, “Because you’re worth it.”

i.e. the new motto for managing and saving money is, “Short-term good, long-term good”.

Think about this:

Can you delay gratification in the short-term and channel your money, one of your precious resources, to work harder for you to achieve your long term good such as retirement? Would you do this? Why? Why is it important to you to do so? What action plans do you have in place to save for your retirement?

You may have specific needs that are different from others, so it might make sense if we have a brief chat over the phone to find out more about your situation and your concerns.

Another idea that might be helpful to you is  I can help you to save money potentially, if you consolidate your investment holdings onto a single platform.

Call me at 9231 8779 to find out more.

Our call together would simply be a question-and-answer conversation to learn more about your situation and your needs.

Don’t worry, you’ll never feel any sales pressure from me — it’s against my philosophy of how I treat people.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you do better!

Remember, if you let your savings and money just sit idly in the low yielding savings account, you’ll be deprived of the retirement income you were hoping for.

Unless you act right now. Call Claire at 9231 8779 to determine how you can make your savings work harder for you and maximize your wealth!



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