Facing the truth. Be Inspired!

Here’s an interesting article I want to share with you:

Quoting Mark Joyner on facing the truths, he said:

“We live in what is undoubtedly the most exciting era of human history yet
– and the *best* is yet to come.

But it would be folly to be unprepared. Human beings
can do really stupid things – sometimes on a global

It’s human nature.

I’m optimistic, but I also have my eyes wide open.

Let’s carry on making this world a better place,
simultaneously intelligently preparing for the worst.

*That* is where genuine confidence and self-esteem
come from. Not from lying to yourself about the
way things are.

But instead from staring the hard truths right in the face,

and carrying on with optimism despite it all. “

I was WOW by this message! I thought this applies to both life and money.

Are you prepared for life and what might come your way, be it upside or downside, financially and otherwise?

Planning for yourself expands your options but poor planning will limit them.

So what do you want to happen when you retire?

What do you want to happen when you die?

What do you want to happen for yourself and your loved ones in such events?

Let’s all be prepared for life. Call me at 9231 8779 to meet up over coffee!

All the best!

Claire Soh

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