Have you upgraded to a private shield plan yet?

The recent newspapers reports on Mr Khaw Boon Wan, the current Health Minister, paying only S$8 for his medical bill for his bypass surgery reinforced the beauty of having sufficient medical insurance.

What did our Health Minister do right to minimize the cash outlay from his pocket?

Read all about the article if you’d missed it last Sun. MediShield (full) – SunTimes 31 Oct Article for 1st dollar Coverage

Mr Khaw upgraded from the basic MediShield plan to a private shield plan with a rider.

The private shield plan is a ‘as charged’ plan. This means the bulk of his medical bill is reimbursed and YES, you can have inflation-proof medical care.

On top of this, the rider covers both the deductible and the co-insurance so that the first dollar of your medical bill could be covered.

Do note that insurance companies impose some limits to the amount of claims we can make. Hence you may still need to pay a bit but the cash outlay from YOUR pocket would be minimized.

Mr Khaw said it best on his blog, “Health insurance, as a protection against hospitalisation (MediShield) and severe disability (ElderShield), is an important pillar of our 3Ms health financing framework. It makes sure that all Singaporeans have access to high quality healthcare. They are like our umbrellas for rainy days, or thunderstorms, or even typhoons.

So have you upgraded your basic umbrella (Medishield plan) to a bigger umbrella, a private shield plan YET?

Most importantly, ask yourself, “What do you want to happen when you fall sick?

To determine an appropriate private shield plan for yourself and your loved ones, call me at 9231 8779 today!

I will help you access or review your situation as I believe you may have some specific needs.
I’d compared the various shield plans in the market so that you can GAIN CLARITY and make the best financial decisions for yourself.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones today!
Because You’re worth it.
IMO, every life is priceless because no matter what, your loved ones will always love you and want to take care of you.

Pick up the phone and call me at 9231 8779 to meet up over coffee.

Let’s upgrade you to a private shield plan with a rider while you can.

Don’t leave it to chance or rely on your employers because group medical insurance plans are usually not portable once you leave the company.

It’s our money and our responsibility.

Ensure you’re insured today with an appropriate medical insurance plan to minimize the impact of medical bills on your finances.

Best regards
Claire Soh
Personal Cell: 9231 8779
Email: claire.soh@finexis.com.sg

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