Design Thinking Symposium 2010

How’s your Thur doing?

FYI, today I attended  Day 1 of the Design Thinking Symposium 2010 as I’m always interested in learning how the human brains work and think to create solutions to improve our lives and business.

And I’m pleased to share with you that the Singapore government has earmarked 2010 as the year for Design and Design Thinking so as to establish Singapore as the new Asia’s hub for design innovation and creative enterprise.

I’m very happy I attended this seminar as I’ve the chance to learn about design thinking from renowned practitioners such as Mr Charles Pelly and Mr Alex Kazaks (Expert Associate at McKinsey & Company and a Consulting Associate Professor at Standford) and Mr Jerome Goh (Design Director of IDEO Shanghai) and Ms Younghee Jung and Mr Daniel Sims.

I learn that Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology that involves balancing the brain (analytical thinking) and the heart (instinctive, creative).

Day 2: Fri, I learn from various professionals who practice Design Thinking to solve problems or improve their business processes or create new products which are customers-focused and aim to create the best user experience.

These case studies prove that with perseverance and teamwork, be it civil service (Ministry of ManPower and the Singapore Police Force) or private enterprise such as P&G and OCBC Bank Singapore. Anyone and everyone can use his or her creativity to innovate and solve problem.

I love learning and going through these case studies.

I’m inspired to think about how I can improve my business processes and the client experience with me.

So YOUR feedback counts and it is important to me to help cater to your needs more efficiently.

For example, you can email me on the type of information that you will like to receive.

Feel free to email me your ideas or suggestions on how I can help you in your personal finances. My email address is

To Your success in life and business!



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