Watch this creative video on the development of our world till date


First of all, I want to thank and congratulate Professor Hans Rosling.

Your presentation on 200 countries in 200 years in only 4 minutes is amazing, entertaining, wise and effective!

I wish Hans Rosling is my Statistics Lecturer.

He’s creative as my impression is, he begins with the end in mind to design an animated video to engage the audience and make them understand the development of our world.

Did he use Design Thinking to make this video?

Professor Rosling is surely a leading thinker!

According to Professor, with techonology and  a converging world, everyone can make it to the healthy and wealthy corner.

So, do you want want to be healthy and wealthy?

Well, I learnt that there are 2 ways to become rich:

1) Work harder, spend less, and save more.

2) And Why not let your money do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you?

Your patience in saving and investing  for your long term goals will be rewarded by compounded interest.

IMO, it’s NOW necessary to save and invest in unit trusts, stocks and bonds to build our wealth.

So what do you want to happen when you retire?

What kind of life or lifestyle do you want?

What are your dreams?

What’s your game plan to save and build your wealth?

Do you pay yourself first?

Call me at 9231 8779 for a FREE consultation for a limited time period only.

You’ve done a great job Dr Hans Rosling. “Yes Sir, Pretty NEAT!” I like it.  ^_^

Watch this video to learn about the progress of our world here:

Best Regards

Claire Soh.

Personal Cell: 9231 8779


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