How to make your savings grow?

Dear friend

I believe investing in unit trusts, stocks and bonds is a necessary part of lifelong wealth-building.

Financial planning is arguably one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your life.

So I urge you to take actions while being prudent and pay attention to your portfolio.


Because your investment may be something you’re relying on to help pay for 20 years plus of your retirement. It’s your money and financial security at stake!

Seriously, what do you want to happen when you retire?

e.g. Do you want dignity and enjoy your later years knowing you’ve sufficient funds to last till age 80?

Anyway, back to building wealth; it is a lifelong process.

It is similar to building muscles. You can either Do-it-Yourself (DIY) or Engage a Personal Trainer to work with you and guide you to achieve your goals.

Suppose you had someone showing you how to:

  • improve your portfolio by providing you with clarity and direction
  • build your confidence along the way
  • keep you focused and on track filled with purpose and
  • help you get to your destination.

Studies have showed that in all walks of life, those who have mentors inevitably do way better than those who don’t. Adults who are mentored are more successful in their careers and in school.

Similarly, the investment specialists in my office and I spend lots of time and money putting together our newsletters and provide you with advice so you gain clarity and direction pertaining to your investment decisions and personal finances.

The specialists and I love our work because we know you appreciate it. And we know that when we recommend one of our programs, you will seriously consider investing in it.

If you appreciate wisdom and clarity to guide you to achieve your financial goals for yourself and your family, engage us. It’s a win-win situation where our clients make informed decisions based on our consultancy work and we earn our income. Reciprocity.

^_^  Don’t sit on the fence too long. 1 of our biggest assets is time. Seize time today and take actions to cement your game plan to achieve financial freedom.

IMO, no advisor who adds value by reducing risk and/or increasing value is “expensive.”

So if you want to reduce your tax liability, reduce your insurance premiums while maintaining proper and adequate coverage and MAXIMISE your wealth, call me at 9231 8779.

Let me guide you to

  • evaluate the effectiveness of your current plan
  • take control of your finances
  • develop financially valuable skills
  • increase your wealth

NOW is the best time ever to build wealth. Because now is always the best time to do anything important. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get there.

To Your Wealth and Success!

Should you have any questions or wish to receive more in-depth information, please contact me and subscribe to my newsletters.


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