What is the best tool to transfer the risk in your life?

Dear Reader

I just want to highlight the beauty and importance of having this financial tool in your life.

The reality is, life is uncertain, isn’t it?

When major unforeseen events strike, which financial tool can give you a great peace of mind and it can be one of your significant assets?

Did you guess it?

Insurance. It is the only financial tool that can give you cash during the downtime of your life, be it an accident, upon hospitalization or upon death or critical illness.

Investments help you make money but don’t give you money when you need it.

Realize that the purpose of insurance is to outsource the risks in your life to the insurance companies so that you gain financial protection for yourself and your loved ones.

Let me cite an example to illustrate my point.

  • IMO, I think there is no better value than medical insurance. Transferring the cost of medical treatments to an insurer for a risk premium is one of the best deals around.
  • You may not think so now, but wait until you need to get medical treatment like myself (an unforeseen medical emergency struck when I was studying in Australia in 2004 and I landed in hospital for a week). Then you will be happy you paid the premium.
  • The peace of mind is truly priceless as the medical insurance took care of the medical bill. I need not worry about this financial obligation or burden my family with it. I can focus on recovering.

Of course, I don’t wish this to happen to anyone.

But NO one can predict the future. So ask yourself these important questions:

  • Are you and your loved ones prepared financially when threats strike?
  • What do you want to happen when you’re sick or when you die?
  • What responsibilities and obligations do you have? As responsible adults, you want to fulfill your dreams and obligations, whether you’re around or not, don’t you?

Everyone recognizes the benefits of life insurance but no one actually expects to die or fall sick anytime soon.

So you think you can wait?

My advice is: don’t put getting a policy on hold. You don’t want to regret until it’s too late, do you?

Note: Insurance is something you can’t get when you need it.

As we age, the insurance premiums will only increase and the main barrier will be our health condition.

Will the insurance company want to insure you at age 40 or 50 when you have high blood pressure?

Can you guarantee that you will be healthy always?

Don’t wait or leave things to chances.

Secure you and your family’s financial welfare TODAY.

Let me try to reduce your insurance premiums while maintaining proper and adequate coverage.

You want the best for yourself and your loved ones, don’t you?

Call me at 9231 8779 and Meet me over coffee to set up a basic security program for yourself and your family RIGHT NOW.

I look forward to learning about your situation and talking with you soon.

Claire Soh

Your Preferred Guide to Your Finances

Cell Phone: 9231 8779


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