How to achieve New Year Resolutions, including your financial goals

Dear Reader

According to various experts, the key to achieving our New Year resolutions is to do these 3 steps:

  1. Set specific goalsWhat do you want to get done?

Akin to the article I contributed to SHAPE SINGAPORE (Jan 2009 issue), experts recommend stating specific and measurable goals.

e.g. This goal statement, “I want to lose 10 kg this year” is specific compared to “I want to lose some weight”.

How to apply this to your finances:

e.g. “I want to achieve about S$2.7million in 35 years so that I can retire with a monthly savings of $4000.”

2. Make plans to achieve your goals – what do you do to keep yourself on track?

e.g. adopting a new exercise regime that includes circuit training and building muscles to increase your metabolism AND improving your diet by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables daily

How to apply this to your finances:

We’ve only have 24 hours a day. Why not make your money work harder for you while you focus your passion and energy on your work?

Solution: ask for help and ideas and work with a financial consultant to help you 1) understand what you’re doing and 2) set up a tailor-made and disciplined savings program for you to gain wealth.

Realize that if you save and invest your money in an instrument that gives you’re a rate of return of about 9% p.a.; you only need to save S$955/month to achieve $2.7m in 35 years.

On the average, we’ve about 35 years of economical productive years to earn income and save enough to last for our retirement (about 20 to 30 years).

Imagine at age 60, will you still be able to find a job, assuming good health conditions? What kind of job, a cleaning job at the office?

Do you want to

a)    HAVE to work at age 60 or

b)    TAKE things slow and enjoy your later years?

Which option do you want?

Don’t wait. Don’t leave things to chance.

Seize time TODAY and make your goals and your retirement happen.

3. Make your plans and take actions.

With regards to losing weight and keeping fit, make it a habit to exercise at least five times a week, starting TODAY.

With regards to your finances, pick up the phone TODAY and call me at 9231 8779.

Engage me to review your situation and make your goals and your retirement happen.

IS your retirement worth an hour of your time to sit down with me to devise a strategy to make it happen? I hope so!

To your success in all you do in 2011!

If you know anyone else who can use the helpful info in this message – please just forward it (with the contents intact) to them.

I’ll be in touch again soon.

Best Regards

Claire Soh

Personal Cell: 9231 8779



PS: I leave you with this encouragement from Mr Jim Rogers. He said to me before the New Year, “Keep going at it. You’ll improve and get there in time.” Thank you Sir!


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