Best Private Integrated Shield Plan in Singapore?

Dear Reader

What do you do if you’re worried about your home being burnt down in a fire?

What do you do if you’re worried about your car being damaged in an accident or theft?

You protect yourself against catastrophic financial loss by getting insurance.

i.e. You pay a small price to the insurance firms to have the peace of mind that you’re protected financially in major unforeseen events.

Similarly, what do you do to protect yourself and your loved ones against the rising cost of medical care and potential hospitalization bills?

You get medical insurance. 

Imagine in the event of unforseen medical emergency, do you have enough cash to cover for such expenses? 

e.g. A medical emergency, say stomach ulcer, gives you such sharp pains that you landed in the ER of a government restructured hospital.

Upon hospital administration, the hospital requires you to pay a lump sum CASH deposit of S$6000 upfront as deposit, in case you need a major surgery later on (I’m quoting a real-life experience of my friend here). So do you have enough savings to cater for this requirement?  

Did you know that if you’ve a private integrated shield plan with 1 of these 2 providers, you only need to inform the hospital that you’re covered under them? This means that these 2 insurers will waive off this upfront requirement of cash deposit via a Letter of Guarantee. i.e. You’d reduce the out of your own pocket expenses to a minimum. 

They’ll also liaise with the hospital directly to take care of your hospital claim.

The abovementioned benefits are just 2 brilliant reasons why you should upgrade to a private integrated shield plan today while you’re fit and healthy.

In the event of critical illness, do you know what’s the potential medical costs involved?

 A local newspaper article published in 2004 stated that it cost about S$115,000  to treat colon cancer in that year.  

This  amount  covered a 7-week stay in a Class A Ward in a public hospital, loss of income and paid help for a domestic helper to take care of the patient.

Other factors to consider:

Do you think your boss will keep your job for you till you recover?

What about the loss of your income while you stay at home to rest? What about your monthly financial obligations such as mortgage and paying for your children’s school fees?


If you’ve upgraded to a private integrated shield plan with a rider to cover the annual deductible and co-insurance, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that you can potentially reduce the cash outlay from your pockets when you have coverage from the 1st dollars onwards for your potential medical bills.

So if you’re looking for the ‘best’ private shield plan that is cost-effective and provides you with comprehensive coverage, I’ve 2 recommendations for you.

In my opinion, these 2 solutions are attractive in terms of affordability and provides many benefits to take care of your potential hospitalization bills.

You’ll have a peace of mind knowing you’d enjoy coverage of your medical bills from the 1st dollar onwards.

Some BENEFITs of one of the solutions:

  • Offers you a Letter of Guarantee so that you need not fork out cash as deposit (simply tell the nurse that you’re with one of these 2 providers)
  • Offers you the flexibility to choose the rider options (so you’ve control over the premiums later on in your golden years)
  • Moratorium underwriting: gives you hope so that you or your loved ones can apply for medical insurance with ease
  • Reimbursement of ambulance fee of up to S$80
  • FREE cover for your children as long as both you and your spouse are covered under the same plan (* terms and conditions apply)

So, if you are looking for guidance to get an affordable and comprehensive medical insurance, call me at 9231 8779 now.

The insurance specialists and I have done the legwork for you to compare and analyze the solutions in the market.

Call Claire at 9231 8779 NOW to fix an appointment with me.

Meet me over coffee and learn about how these 2 solutions can provide you with a peace of mind and financial protection against rising medical/healthcare costs.

Remember, the POWER to protect yourself and your loved ones is at your fingertips.

Ensure you get insured while you can. Call me right now to get cover for yourself and your loved ones today!

Best Regards

Claire Soh

Cell Phone: 9231 8779



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