Happy Vesak Day 17 May 2011

Dear reader

To all my Buddhist readers, wishing you a Happy Vesak Day.

Check out my photo of the oil lamp I sponsor. Yes! I did it. I’m happy to be able to do so this year and I want to thank all my clients and friends for their business and support. Claire is in the business cos of your appreciation of my work.

As such, I dedicate the merits of sponsoring the oil lamp to all my clients and their loved ones. May all of you be well, happy and successful in all aspects of your lives.

May all sentient beings develop bodhicitta and gain enlightenment quickly. May every sentient being, including my family, relatives, friends, colleagues and everyone be healthy and happy.

May this world be filled with peace and joy.

May this world be blessed with peace and prosperity.

Have a peaceful and joyful Vesak day everyone!


Claire Soh

Claire Soh offers an Oil Lamp on behalf of all sentient beings
I offer an oil lamp/ Light to dispel darkness & ignorance in our lives

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