Ajahn Brahm’s Wise Advice on Dealing with Disappointments

In life, inevitably, there are times when we feel disappointed cos our expectations were not met.

Chris told me to accept the results, as long as I’ve given my best shot and move on. Go with the flow.

Ajahn Brahm also conveyed the same message in this video.

My takeaway of this video / a summary:

First ACCEPT calmly and come to terms with the results.  No need to beat yourself up. Then LET GO of disappointments (if any) by dealing with it.

Ask ourselves, did I put in my very best in every moment during the process?

If yes, there’s no need to be disappointed cos you’d have given your best shot (every day) so as to go to bed happy and peaceful every night.

To keep your head above the water, give your best in all you do, accept the results and move on. Let go of expectations (cos only opening up room for disappointments) and the past.

And be with, care for and be kind and compassionate to the person next to you in the present moment cos he or she is the most important.

Ajahn Brahm is certainly wise.


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