Clients’ testimonials for Claire’s financial consultancy work

“Claire is my insurance agent and financial consultant. I’ve used other Insurance companies over the years, but have always just said things like, “I use this company, or that company”, until now, I haven’t ever tied an agent’s name to my insurance policies.

Claire took the time, in the evenings, to sit down with me and go over ALL details of each policies and loans which I have. No other agent has ever sat down with me to actually explain what I was getting for my money or the benefits of having them. I just paid my premiums, and HOPED my insurances was “good enough”.

Claire also helped me with my financial understanding – on which loans to settle first and why? She also helped me with plans on how to achieve my goals. If Claire hadn’t been so through in her explanations, I probably would have just stayed with the little knowledge that I had on my policies and financial situations.

I give credit to her for being caring, understanding and easy to talk to. I believe if more people had an agent like her, insurance and financial understandings wouldn’t be that hard to understand.

Thank you Claire! You’ve made me feel comfortable and easy to understand.” ~ Mdm G. Nambiar

” I chose to work with Claire because she always guides me and help me to understand my personal finances. She goes the extra miles to help me in my investments and follows up regularly with me . I trust her to be able to guide me in future and I recommend Claire for her service and consultancy work.” ~ Ms I.Goh

I just want to say a big Thank you to all my customers and their referrals who have engaged me to help plan their finances for the past 2 years. It’s been a pleasure to work with all of you. Thank you!

Best regards

Claire Soh

8168 7459


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