Wise Tips on Life

Dear friend

My professional goal is to help you to gain or add to your financial independence, regardless of what your ultimate ambitions are. In my opinion, having money gives you some freedom and independence from the vagaries of life or regulations of government. Having money doesn’t necessarily make you happier or improve your quality of life. That’s up to you, the people you love, the books you read, the places you visit, the music you dance to, and the wine you drink.

You have a choice. You can resign yourself to the ridiculously low yields of checking and savings


Or you can take a small, reasonable amount of risk and go for a potential for a TOTAL return of 5% per year — all with a reasonably diversified portfolio.

That’s almost five times better than today’s savings accounts.    This can be achieved over the long-term if we do proper asset allocation and staying invested in the financial markets. We may also need to re-balance your portfolio along the way as market conditions change.

When was the last time you earned a 5% increase on your salary in a single year?

Do you generate  consistently earn at least 5% p.a. on your investments?

Just imagine the profound, positive impact that kind of return could have on your life if you manage your money well!

Instead of living in fear/worry that your finances could collapse like a house of cards … you can rest easy knowing you’re set for life no matter what happens in Singapore or in the world.

Instead of just “making ends meet,” you can make exciting plans for the vacation you’ve always dreamed of. You can buy that retirement home or retire overseas. And you can finally treat yourself and the ones you love to the luxuries you never thought you could have.

Realize that all of this is only possible with planning and saving and investing wisely without being fearful.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely. Take calculated risks to grow your money.

Call me at 8168 7459 to help you plan and save up for the lifestyle that you aspire to, especially your retirement.

I suspect most of us may want to retire in 20 or 25 years and take a laid-back lifestyle.

What do you want? Meet Claire for coffee to help you plot your course to achieve your goals today!

Claire Soh

8168 7459



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