How to save $1m for your retirement

Dear friend
Would you save $386/month for the next 35 years to accumulate $1m for your retirement?
Assuming we earn a 9% p.a. return and that we contribute continuously without withdrawing money and stay invested for a full 35 years.

In reality, if you earn S$4000/month, this amount is only 9.65% of your income which you should be saving anyway. Pay Yourself first. That’s the number 1 rule to save and next consider investing your cash savings.

Why invest?
In my personal opinion, investing our savings has become mandatory given the high inflation rate in Singapore. Realize that by leaving our cash sit idle in our bank accounts, we’re getting a real negative return on our money net inflation, say -3%p.a. after inflation for the years from 2008 till today.  Hence the value of our money will be eroded by inflation in years to come. And the current yields from our fixed deposits and endowment plans are not enough to match inflation, let alone grow our money.

Now that we establish the urgency to invest our savings. The next simple question we should ask ourselves is, “Do I have the time, the interest or the knowledge to be involved in day-to-day investment decisions?”

If your answer is clearly a “no”, then consider delegating the task of investing confidently.

As an affluent individual, your time is precious and you understand the importance of intelligent delegation. This is as true when it comes to investing as it is for business.

Hence I suggest starting investing early to take full advantage of the power of compounding effect to build our wealth.

Benefits of investing regularly:

  • Disciplined program to help you save and invest without being worried about the market fluctuations.
  • Professional Management of your portfolio: my investment team and I will guide you to make decisions; we’ll also recommend reputable fund managers who will build and manage your investment portfolio for you, selecting the financial instruments and attending to all the day-to-day monitoring and decision making. Thus you will leverage and tap on the expertise, experience and investment knowledge of award-winning and credible fund managers with track records to maximize your wealth in the long term.
  • Diversify your portfolio to capture the economic growth of various economies such as emerging markets and Asian markets.
  • Convenient and simple: you can start investing with as little as S$100 per month (cash or CPF monies).
  • Flexibility and liquidity: With certain investment accounts, you can withdraw your funds for a holiday or to buy a house should you need the money. Terms and conditions of apply for such accounts.
  • Bonus Units: certain investment accounts also reward you with extra units for being a disciplined saver. Buying bonds, shares and ETFs do not give you this advantage. Extra bonus units can help you enhance your returns when markets are rising and even ‘shield’ your portfolio when markets are falling. Terms and conditions apply for such accounts.

I want to show you how to grow your money with an investment account which should be an ideal core component of your portfolio as a balanced strategy to complement your existing savings programs such as endowment plans, ILP and shares etc.

Engage my investment team and I to guide you to construct a convenient and customized portfolio based on your investment objectives, your time horizon and risk appetite.  An investment solution that leaves you free to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones or enjoy the finer things in life.

For an obligation-free review and discussion on your savings and investment portfolio, call Claire at 8168 7459 now.

Best Regards

Claire Soh 苏明慧

Financial Consultant, By Referrals and Appointments Only

Mobile: (65) 8168 7459

P.S. I urge you to hurry. The bonus allocation campaigns for different investment accounts are for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.


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Nothing in this material constitutes personalized investment advice. Information provided here should not be considered as advice or as an offer or enticement to buy or sell or trade. The contents of this material, including any financial data, information, opinions and analysis, are strictly intended for educational use only.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information provided herein. You shouldn’t make any investment decision based solely on what you read here. It’s your money and your responsibility. And please consult your financial consultant or call Ms Claire Soh at 8168 7459 before investing in any investment or insurance.

Should you choose not to seek such advice, you should consider whether the investment or insurance product in question is suitable for you.


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