Hurry! Re-finance your mortgage while you can.

Special news alert:
According to the Dow Jones report, the Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) rate has been on a steady upward movement touching 0.67863 percent as of 3 Feb 2015 and experts are expecting the SIBOR rate to reach around 0.7 percent in June this year or even hit 1 to 2 percent at the end of 2015.

What this means to you as a home owner with a variable mortgage rate is:

If the SIBOR rate continues to increase, you need to be prepared with standby cash to pay the higher monthly mortgage. You need to check with yourself:

  • How much risk can you take?
  • How much longer can you wait?
  • What’s the remaining mortgage tenure ? 3 years or more?
  • What is your expectation of the SIBOR rate increases at this point?
  • How much and how fast will the SIBOR rate increase?

Hence you need to sit down and calculate your current cash flow and obligations and determine if your CPFOA funds and your cash savings on hand can allow you to tackle the increase in your monthly mortgage.
This applies for new purchase of a new property too as the banks apply the new SIBOR rates for the mortgages.

If your risk appetite is low and you prefer certainty on the monthly mortgage, then consider seizing time to refinance to get a fixed-rate mortgage.

Otherwise you may feel the financial stress or the pinch should the SOR rate or the SIBOR rate in Singapore increases further.

Plus the sourcing of fixed rate mortgage packages and the application process require a bit of your time.

 So start early to shop around and compare various home mortgage terms and rates and consider which type of mortgage will work best for you.

The irony is we can wait to refinance in a few months time but we may miss the boat to do so as the banks will also revise the fixed rates upwards in the near future. 

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Claire Soh
Senior Financial Consultant
PS: Remember to get a fire and Home contents insurance to protect your home and get the mortgage reducing term insurance plan to take care of your outstanding mortgage.
The HDB version only insures against fire and replaces the 4 walls. It does not cover your furniture or the renovation costs tore-instate your home if it gets destroyed by a fire.
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