Finally, Healthcare insurance for your pets!

Dear Sir / Dear Madam

If you’re sick or injured, the medial bills can really start to pile up. Potentially, there may be a loss of income due to a medical emergency.

What about your pets?  Because they’re family too.  Now you can get healthcare insurance for your dogs and cats.  

Liberty Insurance reimburses you cash for the potential medical treatments for your pets via PetCare. 

Benefits to you as a pet owner: 

  • Claim up to 70% of  eligible vet bills for medical expenses due to illness or accidents; co-insuranceapplies.
  • Pays you for accidental death or theft of your dogs
  • Affordable: costs as little as less than up to S$1 a day
  • Third party liability arising from owning the insured pet

Your pet must be micro-chipped and staying in the same place as you and no more than 9 years old and not a working dog or a dog used for breeding purposes.


  • Pre-existing medical conditions, hereditary, congenital and skin conditions are excluded. Certain illnesses such as rabies are excluded.
  • Vitamins, grooming and elective procedures are not covered.
  • Damage to teeth and gums are excluded, unless as a result of an accident.

Protect your wallet against high costs of vet bills in SG

Call Claire at 8168 7459 now to find out more about this healthcare plan for your pet.

Please forward this to an interested friend. They will thank you and so will I!

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