Does your personal accident plan cover Zika?

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Good news, Zika is now covered under some of company S’s personal products such as:

  1. personal accident plan
  2. travel insurance
  3. fire & home contents insurance

Under the first 2 plans, you can claim for medical expenses due to Zika or any of the 16 listed infectious diseases (dengue, MERS, measles etc) as certified by a doctor.

Under the fire & home contents insurance plan, you can claim up to $500 to disinfect your home after a Zika or any of the listed 16 infectious disease outbreak at your place.

So in the event that you need to claim for medical expense due to Zika, you only need to see a doctor and submit the original itemized invoice, the blood test results and medical report and submit to the insurer with the claim form.

Please note on the waiting period of 14 days from the date of inception. And if any of the infectious disease become epidemic as declared by the local government, then this insurance cover will cease and will only be lifted after the epidemic episode ends.

Most importantly, a personal accident plan will allow you to claim for a medical bill and rest at home. 

Realise that if you’re not required to be warded in the hospital, then you cannot claim from your private integrated shield plan as it’s not considered a day surgery either.

In addition, besides compensating you for the medical expense, you’ll get a weekly cash benefit of $100/week if you’re certified to rest at home for 7 days under this personal accident plan.

e.g. To claim up to S$3000 of medical expenses per accident or per defined infectious disease, the premium is only about S$14.09 cents per month or $169.06/year.
If you need more cover, simply upgrade to a more comprehensive plan.

If you still do not have a personal accident plan for yourself or your child. Consider to buy NOW!

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