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I’m a licensed financial consultant with an independently owned financial advisory firm in Singapore.

I help my clients write the next chapters in their lives so that they can retire with dignity and ensure that their dreams and legacy can live on. For example, if knowing your children can go to the best schools and having financial security are important to you, I can put together solutions for you to achieve these goals.

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Please note that this blog is my PERSONAL opinions and experience through my consultancy work.

I’d like to create more awareness and provide you with clarity and wisdom so that you are better informed and can make better decisions on your own money.

IMO, financial planning is more about life-planning rather than simply money-management.

There are goals and dreams that each of us want to achieve for ourselves and our loved ones and/or possibly for our favourite charities.  So what are your dreams?

Remember,  you’re the biggest asset in your life.

Isn’t it worth spending time with me to figure out where you’re starting from so that we can plan and devise a strategy to help you achieve your dreams and goals?

I believe that  life is not just about money. Other values such as family, health, personal growth and spirituality are the real contributors of happiness on top of having financial security. I believe that a balanced life led by our values, dreams and goals will enrich our lives and see us through to success and happiness. Let’s keep on keeping on until we succeed!

To your health, wealth and success!

 Claire Soh

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