FREE Consultation worth S$500

Cancer or a serious personal accident is life-changing. Claire can help you protect your wallet in such unforeseen events and make sure you can keep living the life you love.

If you’ll bring your pertinent data to a short coffee session at our mutual convenience, I’ll take a look at it, tell you where you are at and recommend solutions to you to help you get to where you want to be.


If I think I can help you, I’ll tell you. And if I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you that too. Is that fair enough?
With the specialists in insurance and investments, we’ve done the leg work for you by comparing the various solutions available in the market for you to save you time, potential money and efforts, leaving you with more time to focus on your passions and family. 


Consultations and Financial Portfolio Reviews are strictly by appointments only.

To request an appointment, please email Claire:

“Everything you do is either moving you closer to or farther away from your goals.”~ Alwyn Cosgrove.


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