Here are some interesting personal stuff of mine and/or testimonials on my work that I have garnered over the years.

Testimonials from my clients:

“I’ve gained clarity & wisdom when Claire shines light on my finances.

Now I’ve a peace of mind knowing my loved ones and I are

protected financially via the structured program I’d implemented with her.”  ~ Mr T. P.

“Working with Claire has helped us understand our situation better

and this gives us hope that we can secure our finances and our future.” ~ Ms T.K.

“It’s comfortable to work with Claire and she tells you

as it is when it comes to my portfolio. ” ~ Ms A.Fong.

“Thank you for the knowledge and the great conversation.” ~Ms P.Kua

“Thank you so much for your sincere help and time!” ~ Ms D.Phua

Other testimonials:

Professor Arthur Costa of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, “Thank you for your dedication and good help!”

Ms Sharon Lim, Manager of a HR consultancy firm on Claire: “During her service with us, we find Claire to be a responsible, dedicated and committed employee. She is hardworking and is always initiative on her part.”

Mr D.A on his experience dealing with Claire, “From the onset, it was a good experience. The response to my queries were provided speedily and in a most friendly manner by Minghui. At no point in time did I feel that she was just keen on closing the deal. She was accommodating with my requests on the time and place of delivery.”

Back in 1999, I was one of the first few persons in Singapore to receive a ‘Bravo’ award for excellent customer service when I was working with Starbucks Coffee Singapore. I thank my manager Yee Ling and my colleagues for nominating me! Thank you folks!

Thank you for reading my blog.  I sincerely hope to help you gain confidence and assurance that you can do well financially.